My Interest In Writing

🔳 My profile in ‘quick-read’ FORMAL writing tone:

EDUCATION: English-educated to Senior Cambridge School Certificate Level.
SPECIFIC TRAINING: International Writing Institute, Inc ‘Put It In Writing’
CAREER: oil and gas industry Procedures Writer (retired) specializing in Operating Manuals
JOB-RELATED SKILLS: precise communication of complex information and instructions
NICHE UPSKILLING: ebooks, digital magazine, affiliate marketing, graphics and video creation
PASSION: reading, article writing, research, content creation, learning and an eye for detail
COMMENT: Writing is a natural ‘second love’ for me ~ and at Upwork, I’m wondering about – and pursuing – the notion of getting paid for it

🔳 My profile in CONVERSATIONAL writing tone:

I am a Malaysian Chinese from Sarawak which is on the tropic island of Borneo where I live now.

Academically, I am English-educated to the Senior Cambridge School Certificate Level.

Technically, I have vocational qualifications to the City & Guilds of London Institute Parts 1 & 2 level (with Distinctions in both Parts) in automotive engineering practice.

Career-wise, armed with the mentioned academic and technical education, I joined the oil and gas industry at the age of 19.

I would say I am now semi-retired. I have worked in the industry for over 30 years with 4 major oil and gas corporations and in 3 countries. I was in the technical and administrative functions doing a wide range of jobs as the good oil / gas companies always had career development plans for their permanent employees

The jobs that I enjoyed the most were being an offshore oil production platform supervisor, in-house procedures writer, project materials buyer and expeditor

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🟢 Shell had sent me to attend a then-existing International Writing Institute course which was held in Kuala Lumpur. I was at that time a Procedures Writer – a job which I held for almost 2 years in the company.

The Procedures Writer experience has given me skills needed to communicate complex information and instructions clearly and concisely which can be easily followed by those who need to use them. In addition, I have gained an understanding of the importance of following company guidelines and standards.

I read a lot since my young days. I love expressing and explaining ideas in writing too – and of course picking the best or most accurate words to achieve that.

Having ‘left’ the mainstream working world, I have devoted my time to the ‘online’ internet world of websites – keeping the brain occupied, inquisitive and active in the process – doing graphics and simple video creation, blogging and affiliate marketing.