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Put It In Writing – acknowledged to be the hallmark of the corporate training world for decades, was written by Albert Joseph, the President of the International Writing Institute, Inc

The list of clients for this course was a virtual who’s who of the Fortune 500 and the U.S. Government.

Top executives know the importance of good writing. Hundreds of major corporations use the renowned Put It in Writing course to teach their managers how to communicate directly and powerfully through the written word.

More than 10,000 engineers, scientists, and upper management employees were trained at Ford, General Motors, Farmers Insurance, Shell Oil, Du Pont, Deloitte, Boeing, Chase, and AT&T.

Those leading corporations received such great benefit from Put It In Writing that they even customized the course for their respective employees.

More than 60,000 engineers, scientists, sales executives, and upper management employees took the course at AT&T alone.

Government clients included Social Security Administration, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and many more.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) made the book a requirement. It also required Albert to teach the course in person – which he did – for 11 years at Langley VA, twice monthly for 11 years

Put It In Writing has become the most widely used business writing course in the English-speaking world.

Key learning points include:
– Being able to write clearly, effectively, and quickly
– Improve letters and reports, technical and non-technical
– Developing a pleasing style
– Projecting a positive image of yourself and your company
– Avoiding common errors in grammar, spelling, and word usage
– Beating deadlines
– Using your writing for career advancement
– Conveying exactly what you mean!

Good writing means clear, effective communication in letters, reports, and public speech. It means making the contact, making the point, and getting the results you want.