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Disclaimer: The resources, websites and links listed here were active and available at the time this article was written. It is expected that most or all will be existent for a long time to come. Please also note that there are no affiliate links in this article.

PayPerClick Tools
Dated: 24-Jan-2021

There are many websites and apps that can make a huge difference to helping you generate clicks, along with sales and saving you time, resources and frustration. These can enable you to choose the most search-engine friendly key terms, develop landing pages, test your most effective combinations to generate sales, create paid promotions and more. And we’re not simply talking about Google here. These tools can also help you set up Facebook ads or Bing ads.

Keep in mind, however, that the best possible tools won’t compensate for a poor strategy to begin with! Make sure you are starting your tool reviews with the best strategy and that you utilize a little common sense as well.

The Local Keyword Generator tool, as the name suggests, assists you to generate location-based keywords. This tool comes Just enter any U.S. city name, area code or zip code or radius and let this tool do its work!

Local businesses have a considerable advantage with AdWords since they will be contending with less severe competition with a far less-crowded niche. This tool helps ensure that this advantage is not missed.

In the world of PPC, split testing is an ‘essential’ – but, unfortunately, it takes up a lot of time. SplitTester allows you to use short-term data to extrapolate or deduce the likely long-term performance of two different ads in order to help you identify the best long-term option.

SEMRush lets you spy on your competitors. That sounds shady. But, ‘everyone’s doing it!’ Just think of all the information you can get by just entering the address of your competitor’s website. You will be shown AdWords ad copy, keywords, CPC, and loads of other juicy (you can say) details.

KeyWord Spy is another great tool for checking out what the competition is up to.

Maybe you are just trying to get inspiration for your own keywords, or seriously want to try beat your competition, Keyword Spy can be very helpful. You can see who is spending what on PPC, what keywords they are targeting and more.

KeyWordSpy offers a premium account (which is well worth it) but you can get a lot out the free features as well so it’s worth checking out.

Note: is not accessible (access blocked) in some countries.

WordHippo is a synonym or antonym generator which is very useful for mixing up and matching your core keywords as well as your negative keywords. Can a Thesaurus not do the same job? Sure, but it is great to have a software built especially for PPC. And it’s free!

Facebook is also a big player in the PPC field. PPC isn’t just about Google. Suggested Likes and Interests is a tool that does what it says. Found on Facebook, you can use this to get suggestions for the most common likes and interests. You can then show your ads to only the most targeted Facebook users.

With ROI calculator, in most cases, you can know for certain whether your advertising campaign will return a profit. Enter the monthly clicks and the average cost per click along with the necessary details and you will be able to get a good ROI estimate for any specific advertisement.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could determine whether that PPC campaign was going to pay off before you spent all of your hard-earned money on it?

JUMBO Keywords can help you to edit and clean up your keywords with a single click. It also has an Ad-Maker for testing copy and placements to see what your ads are going to look like in the top 3 positions.

Animations and interactive components are known to grab attention, encourage interaction, engagement and clicks. Google Web Designer makes it simple to add animations and interactive elements to your banners.

This is also a great tool that is generally useful for learning HTML5 while enabling you to create those flashy HTML5 display ads. As it’s completely free, it’s definitely worth downloading and trying out for yourself!

There is no denying that the absolute most important tool on Google is still its AdWords Editor. From the guys who brought you AdWords themselves, Google’s Ads Editor makes the advertising process much faster and easier, providing you with the tools and assistance needed.

Content Research Tools
Dated: 24-Jan-2021

To have a high conversion rate, you must have great content. And if you’re not sure what content gets the most attention, then these tools can help you find out.

  • BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is among the best tools for finding out what kind of content to post. Just enter a keyword and you will get a display with links to the most linked and shared content related to your keyword. You can then study what makes the content shareable.

  • Similar Web

Two questions that get asked all the time:
1. which sites are most like yours?
2. where is their traffic coming from?

Similar Web will tell you which of your keywords is generating the most traffic and give you ideas about where to post and share your content online to increase conversions.

  • Land-book

A great landing page is one of the keys to a high conversion rate is. Land-book is a free collection of some of the most successful and effective landing pages. It’s a truly great resource of ideas if you want to learn where to start with creating and optimizing your landing page.

  • Really Good Emails

Do you want to improve the conversion rate of your emails? Really Good Emails is a free collection of proven and effective marketing emails. This is a helpful resource if you’re new to writing emails and want to improve your email writing skill. Use them for inspiration.


Tools to Capture Leads
Dated: 24-Jan-2021

Here is a list of tools that will help you capture leads once you’ve ‘enticed’ a visitor to your website.

  • HubSpot has a suite of tools for managing inbound marketing campaigns, including blog posts, landing pages, email sequences, and more. It also has a powerful lead capture tool that includes exit intent popup and a form builder that works with the landing page.
  • Sumo is a suite of tools that include the Sumo List Builder package which is is a powerful email list building tool that allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality opt-in forms to grow your email list. You can also create action-triggered popups that include a Welcome Mat popup, a scroll-triggered popup, and a Smart Bar to help you attract more email subscribers.
  • HelloBar is a serious software plugin that can be used to create bars at the top of your site, as well as several other pop-ups to help you engage with your users. The top bar can include a call to action, like “subscribe to our newsletter”, or a message, like “we’re closed for maintenance”. HelloBar is designed to be unobtrusive and easy to use.

Heat Mapping and Mouse Tracking Tools
Dated: 24-Jan-2021

A visitor’s behavior on your site can give you a great deal of insight about your conversion rate not being as high as you’d prefer. There are a range of tools out there that can help you obtain the data you need.

  • Clicky  can provide you with statistics about the length of time guests spend on your web site as well as their activities while they are on it. It offers real-time information including heat maps. It is an excellent way to get up and running with this kind of conversion optimization.
  • Crazy Egg offers a full suite of tools that include heat mapping and click isolation.

    Get statistics on your website visitors, where they come from, where they’ve gone, and where they’re getting stuck so you can move forward with confidence.

    Find out if errors on your website are preventing visitors from converting.

    Track the traffic coming to your sites to determine which is performing best, and which might need improvement. You can see how each of your traffic sources and marketing channels is performing

Analytics Tools
Dated: 24-Jan-2021

Reviewing your analytics will enable you to optimize your conversion rate. The analytics tools listed below enable you to get down and dirty with the numbers so you can make the most out of your conversion rates.

  • Google Analytics is a tool that’s free and serves as an analytics tool for anyone with a Google account. It can be used to create detailed metrics which you can then use to help improve your conversion rate.
  • Kissmetrics is reputed to be the gold standard of premium analytics tools. It’s best suited for optimizing email conversion. It includes an built-in A/B testing function and generates data sets optimized to bring in conversions.

Testing Tools
Dated: 24-Jan-2021

It is important to continually test all components of your marketing campaigns to ensure an optimal conversion rate. Conversion optimization should always be an ongoing process as there will always be room for improvement.

  • Optimizely is an experimentation platform. In addition to traditional A/B testing, they also offer multivariate testing options and detailed analytics.
  • Effective Experiments is a platform that makes it easy to track your content and testing experiments. It’s beneficial to have a place to keep everything organized instead of juggling multiple spreadsheets probably in a ‘glorified data dump’.

Visitor Feedback Tools
Dated: 24-Jan-2021

Direct feedback from your visitors and customers is one of the most important elements of your business. Here are two favorite sites to take this to a higher level:

  • Five Second Test offers an affordable option that allows testers to download an app-based version of your website and rate their experience. You can choose from a variety of testing methods.

    Five-second tests are used to determine how well a website has been received to assess whether it is communicating the desired information to the audience. They enable you to understand what the users understand and what they’ve taken away from your website within the first few seconds of it being shown to them.
  • Intercom is a Customer Communications Platform. It provides you information about who is currently utilizing your product or service and makes it easy for you to communicate with them directly using various solutions, including behavior-driven messages and interactive support.

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